Application for the Return of an Item

Buyer may only apply for the refund and/or return of the Item in the following circumstances:

  • The Item has not been received by Buyer.
  • The Item received is incomplete (missing quantity or accessories).
  • The seller has delivered an Item that does not match the agreed specification (e.g. wrong size, colour, pattern etc.) to Buyer.
  • The Item delivered to the Buyer is materially different from the description provided by Seller in the listing of the Item.
  • The Item received has physical damage (e.g. dented, scratched, shattered).
  • The Item received is faulty (e.g. malfunction, does not work as intended/specified).
  • For foods and grocery delivery service, kindly communicate closely with your sellers to arrange the delivery to your doorsteps as soon as possible to avoid any delay to the necessities and needs.


The buyer will only be refunded after we have received the confirmation from Seller that Seller has received the returned item. In the event where we do not hear from Seller within a specified time (3 Days), we will be at liberty to refund the applicable sum to Buyer without further notice to Seller.

IMPORTANT: Communication Between Buyer and Seller

We encourage both Buyers and Sellers to communicate with each other in the event where the problem arises in a transaction. As Borneo Marketplace is a platform for Users to conduct trading, the Buyer should contact Seller directly for any issue relating to the Item purchased.